Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catching Up

Last week was busy and I have not had time to catch everyone up on the committee hearing last week. I'll try and get that posted today.

I had a streak of bad luck over the weekend. First, my rooster got eat up in broad daylight. Then, yesterday I was drinking coffee by my computer and it sliped out of my hand and soaked my laptop. At first, I thought it was completely destroyed, but after I let it dry out a while it came back on. The only problem it seems to have now is that the keyboard has nice, thick, coffee syrup in it, which makes the keys jam thereby making the machine practically useless. I don't know how to take it apart and clean it and don't have the money to have someone else do it. I am using our old desktop, which is a pain in the butt...but I sure am glad to have it.

Spent a great deal of time in the garden this weekend, staking tomatoes, planting watermelons, cucumbers and peppers and fertilizing everything. Hope we get a good harvest of what we have planted because with gas prices what they are poor people like my family are going to have a very difficult struggle just trying to afford basic necessities like food. I imagine at some point, if things don't improve, I will have to get over my aversion to eating animals I raise and send one of the kids out to chase down our dinner in the chicken yard.

So far, the squash and tomatoes are looking the most promising. I discovered that I planted spaghetti squash and not yellow crookneck squash. That's fine...I like spaghetti squash better anyway. I just kept wondering why my yellow crookneck squash looked like large, watermelons instead of regular squash. Yesterday I did a little order research and found the order number for the squash I ordered and wa-la! I'll try and get some pictures of them up later. They are very impressive.

In the meantime here are a few pictures of some brandywine tomatoes which are starting to fatten up and look tempting.

And here is a shot of my canteloupes which are starting to bloom.

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