Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Farm Blogging

As with any farm setting, every spring there are new baby animals. This year we have kittens running out of our ears. I let one stray female take up residence here a few years ago and the rest is history. See what I get for being good hearted? Since yesterday two of the gazillion new ones have wandered out into the great wide open. My daughter pictured below, immediately scooped up the first one and named it 'Polly'. This morning when I went out I found another one. Looks a lot like the first one except less spots and it has a white tip on its tail. If anyone needs any cats give me a holler.

I tried introducing the one I found this morning to Saul...and that didn't go over too well. He just gets too excited. Although I think after a few days of me sitting in front of his kennel with one of the babies and letting him sniff it he might settle down. He did very well with the baby chickens this morning. He did some very thorough but polite sniffing, didn't try to snap anyones toes off and sat down when I told him too. He even went one step further and laid down when he got a waft of that glorious pile of chicken shit that has collected under their pen. Of course, he only laid down because wanted to sample some and smear it all over him and not because he wanted to show submission to me and my commands. He's a sneaky bastard is my Snoot...and I love him like he was one of my kids.

Since he rolled his big, fat, head around in the organic fertilizer then we will be doing more of this today. He killed two birds with one stone in that he got to play in the poo and he gets the hose later. He loves the water hose.

The Girls

The girls continue to grow strong and healthy. Most of their feathers are in. One of the RIR's has a richer color than the other four and all of the Dominickers are starting to show that pretty barred pattern that they are so well known for.

The Garden

Dahlias & Zinnias

And I can't remember which one is which.


This is a row of citrus sunflowers which are suppossed to be bright orange as opposed to the normal yellow of sunflowers. I can't wait til they bloom. I have never seen an orange one before.


Here are some of my HOSS tomatoe's. I have Brandywine and Better Boy a total of about 20 all told and most of them are already blooming. I can't wait to FEAST on a 'mater samwidge' in a few months made with a REAL mater.

The Squash and Cauliflower

Here is a shot of my row of squash and cauliflower that is planted in the ground with a couple close ups. They are growing much slower than the ones I have in containers.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Here is the first bloom trying to open on my Black-Eyed Susan vine. It look's green-eyed at this point. Maybe it changes colors later. The one in the kitchen window has black eyes.

Squash Bloom

I have two contaiers of squash that are blooming profusely and they are absolutely beautiful! The blooms are so delicate and they look so buttery...almost good enough to eat. However, I hate squash and will soon have it running out of my ears. My husband loves it though and I'm sure I can find enough interesting recipes for it on the internet that even I could eat it.

Anybody out there got any good squash recipes to share? Send'em to me.

E I E I O...I'll see y'all next week with another installment of "Down Here on the Farm"

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