Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Millbrook Police Officer Arrested for Rape

Rape charges result in police officer's dismissal

MILLBROOK, Ala. (AP) -- An ex-Millbrook policeman accused of rape is free on bond today. The charge against 36-year-old Francisco Aponte stem from a weekend attack on an Elmore County woman.

Millbrook Police Chief Kenneth Bradley confirmed his office received a call early Friday from doctors at a Prattville hospital. A woman told physicians she was sexually assaulted Friday by a police officer.

The case was turned over to Elmore County sheriff's investigators who determined there was enough evidence to charge Aponte. He faces a first-degree rape charge and was immediately fired from the police force.

Aponte posted a 150,000 dollar bond and was released. He awaits an arraignment hearing.

I am going to start a list of dirty, corrupt, crooked, criminal Alabama cops. I'd like to track what kind of sentences they get vs. The Regular Citizen charged with the same crime.

If you have a drity Alabama cop story send it to me.

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Don said...

That’s a good idea, but don’t even consider compiling a list of dirty, corrupt, criminal crooked public office holders in Alabama because you wouldn’t have enough time to keep up with any except maybe the criminal ones. The reason there are so few of them who are proven criminals is because they do such a good job of protecting one another.