Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today I start writing my book

In the last almost 5 years I have been through one hell of an ordeal with the local prosecutors office, the state of Alabama, the courts and the election grinder. All along the way I have written about those very personal experiences and now have quite a large collection of stories.

My readers have compared me to Hunter S. Thompson, Mark Twain and Lewis Grizzard one too many times for me not to start thinking about writing a book of my own. I know I am no where near deserving of the comparisons to the three greatest writers ever (at least in my book)but, maybe one day I will be. The general responses I get from the things I write tell me there is a wide audience available out there for some Southern style Gonzo. I have long been a huge fan of Lewis Grizzard and miss his books and columns in the AJC. The South is in dire need of a good humorist and I am about to try and fit that bill. I'll still keep this blog updated, hopefully on a daily basis, but y'all bare with me if I skip a few days here and there.


DNabb said...

Hell Yea Loretta! Write that book and I'll definitely read it. Especially if it resembles Lewis Grizzard and his Grizzardisms.

Don said...

Go girl! I know you can do it.

Loretta Nall said...

I'd have to say Lewis Grizzard is my all time favorite writer. I lived in Germany for about two years back in the early 90's. My husband was in the army and I was an 18-year-old housewife with a tiny new baby. I had never been outside the state of Alabama before and I cannot overstate how much I missed home. Talk about culture shock!

While browsing the book store on post one day I came across the Lewis Grizzard collection and remembered some snippets from my childhood. My older cousin had been a big fan.

I bought one of the books, took it home and promptly devoured it. I laughed til I cried and laughed some more. I went back the next day and bought the entire set. Reading them made me feel like I was at home in Alabama. His books helped me deal with major depression resulting from homesickness and I was and still am truly grateful for this man and his life's work.

He died while I was still in Germany and I cried my eyes out when I saw the AJC's tribute to him. It consisted of Lewis meeting up with his beloved dog "Catfish" and walking through the pearly gates. It was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How can I pre-order?

Loretta Nall said...

Anonymous...I have a couple of friends in BHAM who are looking at setting up a pre order page and all of the stuff on that end. I'll keep you posted.

Dan said...

I'll buy it (or read a complimentary copy).