Thursday, June 14, 2007

Folsom Gets It Right

In an interview with the Montgomery Advertiser Lt. Governor Jim Folsom Jr.had the following to say about 'the punch'.

Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. said the Senate must take disciplinary action regarding a punch thrown the last day of the session to make it “abundantly clear” the behavior will not be tolerated.

“This act must be dealt with so that our children will know that there is absolutely no excuse for hitting someone when you are in a verbal argument,” he said in the statement. “If our school children did this, they would be suspended or expelled from school.”

“If the excuse, ‘somebody called me a name so I hit them,’ doesn’t hold water in a school principal’s office or in a court of law, then it certainly should not be justified, accepted or excused when it happens in the Alabama Senate,” Folsom said. “I am urging the appropriate Senate committees to take necessary steps to deal with this matter and make it abundantly clear that physical attacks on the floor of the Senate will not be tolerated.”

That is largely reminiscent of what I said when I recommended alternative school for Senator Bishop. And, for once, I wasn't being a smartass when I said "what message are we sending to the children?"

It's nice to see a higher-up finally start pointing that out. For once the 'wolf-cry' of 'what about the children' has merit.

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