Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Doggie/Farm Blogging

YAY It's Friday!!!!

I think I'll start this post off with an ode to how much I love my dog. He's the best. Everyday he does something that makes me think that human genes have been placed somewhere in the German Shepherd mix. Except...sometimes he seems smarter than any human I know.

Yesterday was somewhat crazy around here. Both of the kids made it home from visiting with friends. The whole time they were gone Snoot paced between their rooms so much that he wore a groove in the carpet. He is an unhappy camper when his entire pack is not assembled in one place when he thinks they should be. He is so sweet and a little sad when he goes to the kids rooms, sticks his head in, looks around and then comes back to find me with the, "Okay mom so where are my pack-mates?" question in his eyes.

Needless to say he was super excited to have them both back in the house yesterday. They had to pass a sniff test though. Snoot loves to sniff and both places the kids had been had dogs, cats and one place even had a goat. He had a grand time giving Bell a good sniffing. He literally starts at one foot and covers almost every inch of ones body with his nose. Up one side and down the other. He'll stop when he gets to something interesting and you can almost see him thinking..."that's goat, this one's chicken, ack! cat, another dog, a strange person....ummmm I like that goat one...smells tasty."

At some point last night I noticed his water dish was empty. I was busy with something and told one of the kids to get him some water. I then promptly forgot about it assuming that one of them had taken care of it. Then last night around 10 as I was just about to slip into unconsciousness I hear this loud rushing, gushing water a water main had burst. My husband and I jumped up out of the bed to discover the source and we discovered Snoot with his front paws on the toilet lid staring inside the tank on back.

See, trailer toilets are notorious for being ill-made and the one in our bathroom has a float that you have to jam something under so it doesn't run all the time. We use a red coke cap and just leave the back of the tank off instead of removing and replacing it every time. The dog has seen me move that cap numerous times a day, has investigated the noise of the rushing water and last night when no one got him a fresh bowl he took matters into his own snout, marched into the bathroom, dislodged the bottle cap with his nose and when we discovered him he was waiting patiently for the water to rise to the level where he could get it. Now that's a damn smart dog.

I get so tickled at him and am so amazed by him. He understood the principal of that little red cap stopping the water. He remembered it from the times he has seen me do it and when he needed water he went there and deliberately moved the cap to make the water come in. He understands concepts and that just blows my mind. He remembers concepts and events from earlier and stores them away in that broad skull of his for future reference. Sometimes his intelligence is down right scary.

He is such an amazing creature, just full of love for his family, he's especially fond of his mommy....trials me like a shadow every second that he is loose in the house...a for-real security dog just by his nature...I didn't train him to do that....where I go he goes also. He gives hugs. Yesterday he came over to love on me just because he likes to and even my husband (who is real jealous of the dog) was moved when he saw the dog hug me and give my arm a hundred sweet little kisses. He's as gentle as a lamb with those he loves.....but woe be unto those he does not know or any fool who might try and hurt his family. If he wasn't my dog I would not get anywhere near him for he is very powerful and frightening to behold.

For any readers thinking of getting a dog please consider a German Shepherd. You'll not find a more loyal and worthy companion, protector of home and family and absolute clown. Be prepared for a dog with very high energy levels that are total attention feinds. Above all remember that these dogs do not do well with multiple owners. They suffer from severe seperation anxiety and usually have a hard time adapting to new owners. If you cannot commit to about 13 years of your life caring for one then please choose another breed.

That's my ode to my Snoot...the best dog ever.

Here are some more pics of my garden.

The canteloupe has suddenly gone crazy...which is great because I could live off the stuff.

Some pretty maters that will be ready in no time. I wish they would hurry because I can't remember the last time I had a tomato that actually tasted like a tomato.

These are my amazing spaghetti squash plants. Looks like I will have a super harvest of this yummy veggie.

Malabar Spinach

Red Zinnia

It looks like it might rain today which would make my plants and my water bill very happy....but I ain't holding my breath.

Hope y'all have a great weekend and please come to the Town Hall meeting tomorrow where Senator Jeff Sessions, Congressman Artur Davis, my good friend Dr. Ralph Hendrix and some folks from the ACLU will be discussing the disparities in sentencing between crack-cocaine and powder cocaine. A must attend for anyone interested in drug policy reform.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Loretta! Mark from Oregon here. I'll be back to growing medical mj before too long. I'm a guest of the VA right now, but only temporarily. I'm looking forward to taking digital pics of my own produce. An interesting irony; almost the whole time I was on probation for growing mmj, I was GROWING MMJ! My PO had to allow it, and she brought narcs over all the time. I gave training seminars. Sensi vs. Indie, etc. Some of the hogs were drooling and complimenting my girls. "Gosh, they look GREAT!" :o)