Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hell, That's the Most Action We've Seen All Session!!!

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Video of the Brawl

The Alabama Senate has been deadlocked all year long...refusing to pass almost any legislation...after voting themselves a 62% pay increase. I worked on the Compassionate Care Act again this year, only to have to do it again next year because of their inaction. It was so boring in Alabama politics this year that even hardcore junkies like me lost interest.

Then, today, on the last day of the "Do Nothing Senate Session", Senator Charles Bishop (R (big surprise huh?) Jasper) punched and knocked down Senator Lowell Barron (D- Fyffe) because he claims Barron called him a son of a bitch.

Hell, that's the most action we've seen all year. What a shame!

Senator Barron denies calling Bishop a son of a bitch or that he did anyting provocative. If he did it then he is wrong as well...but, not so wrong that he deserved to be punched and knocked down. You know....sticks and stones and all that.

I have to say that Senator Bishop is a son of a bitch (at the very least) in my book. He is racist, has reputed ties to the klan, and is what I consider a complete embarassment to the state of Alabama. The next time I am in within earshot of him I plan to call him a SON OF A BITCH to see if he will take a swing at me. I'll also ask him if he has stopped beating his wife yet.

It's people like Senator Bishop, who I am sure all the voters who voted for him expected to act like an adult, that make people and foreign investors write Alabama off as a redneck backwater.

What a way to show leadership.

I hope that Barron presses criminal charges. After all, they pass the laws that put regular people in jail for assault.


Mike Mann said...

Wow, I want to be a senator. In the real world you usually have to produce results before you merit a raise.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't senators work for the residents of their state? Therefore technecely am I not their boss and the one that should vote for their raise?

I do have an idea on how we can raise money for their raise and settle their disputes all at the same time, set up a ring and sell tickets and hold a pay-per-view knock down fight drag out fight.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! Isn't ironic they don't care enough about the issues to do anything all session, but they care enough about alleged name calling to come to blows over it? I've seen third graders with better work ethic, sense of duty and maturity!

Anonymous said...

"Senator Charles Bishop (R (big surprise huh?) Jasper)" LOL

But more like "Senator Charles Bishop (R (big surprise huh?) Jasper (big surprise huh?))" - I used to live there - I escaped!

Love ya, Loretta!! Keep fighting the good fight!!

Wade said...

Another video link: See all the geezer-on-geezer action at my site.