Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The News Room

Hey Bloggers there is a new way to easy money with your blog while continuing to maintain high quality standards for your blog's content. It's called The News Room and it works by providing bloggers with video content from major outlets like Reuters,AP and others, fully licensed for your use. That's right. Make money via advertising share, CPM starting at $1. All you have to do is choose the video's you want to 'mash' onto your site, mash them and start getting paid. To learn more about what 'mash' means go here.

Heres how it works;
You can begin getting paid for distribution of top news stories which are embedded with advertisements from The News Room. When you mash theNewsRoom content, they couple it with a corresponding advertisement. Each time stories or feeds are viewed on your site, you will earn advertising revenue. Each time a news story mashed from TheNewsRoom is viewed on your site, you automatically earn a guaranteed cost per thousdand impression commission. You also earn money when some of your blogging buddies and any other web surfer mashes content from your site and it is in turn viewed on their site.

Here is how the payment chart breaks down

Video Feed
$4.00 when viewed on your site
$1.00 when viewed on referred site

Video Story
$3.00 your site
$0.50 referred site

Text Story
$1.00 your site
$0.50 referred site

$1.00 your site
$0.50 referred site

The NewsRoom makes it easy for publishers, news junkies and all bloggers who want to make money with their blog to do so in a way that provides high quality content from widely-respected National and International news media outlets. This is the stuff we blog about anyway. Why not make money?

I signed up today and here is my first post featuring The NewsRoom content.

Who won the Republican debate on Tuesday?

I say Ron Paul, but I am very partial...something about a presidential candidate who has a track record of upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights will get my vote each and every time.
See, it was very easy and FREE to embed this video on my site from the many choices provided by The NewsRoom

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