Sunday, July 08, 2007

Garden Bounty

We are starting to get a little bit here and there from the garden. This first pic is of a spaghetti squash, tomatoes and a cucumber. I made spaghetti squash pancakes with the one in the picture later on. They ROCK!! Try some.

This picture is of a type of cauliflower called Romanesco Veronica and the part of it you eat looks amazingly like an alien math fractal. I think it is neat-o!

Another yummy tomato just waiting for the right ripeness to be plucked!

And finally a couple of zinnias.

While I was out taking these shots I met up wit a snake and I damn near shit my pants. It was a big black one with yellow stripes on his belly so I know it wasn't posionous. That matters not when you turn around and there it is wiggling its tail as though it were a rattle snake. That is what this one did. Wiggled it just as pretty as you please. I said AHHHHHH! and backed away. Had my camera in my hand but it didn't occur to me to take a pic of the damn thing. I was too busy trying to get away.

When I came back in I told my husband that I had met a snake in the yard and he asked me, "Was it a big black one with yellow on'im?"
"Yes. You must have seen him before," I said.
He said, "Well, actually I caught him the other day and everything was fine til he shit all over me so I let him go. Snake shit is rough!"

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