Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love Tries to Retract His Plea Deal

Huntsville Times

The Huntsville Times is reporting this morning that admitted child sodomizer Jerry Wayne Love went before Judge Karen Hall yesterday with a new attorney to ask Judge Hall to retract his plea of guilty to sodomizing his adopted sons. He claims the plea was an "injustice."

The only injustice in this case is that he isn't in jail. He got the sweetest deal I have ever heard of.

Love, 51, of 3202 Overhill St. appeared in court Wednesday with his new attorney, Barry Abston, to ask Hall to set aside the sentence. Love and his wife appeared to be dejected.

Abston said in court papers that Love's plea was not voluntary because he lacked full knowledge of the nature of the charges and consequences of the plea.

"A withdrawal of the defendant's plea is necessary to correct a manifest injustice," the motion said.

The hearing on the motion was postponed because Assistant District Attorney Allison Palmer was unavailable for medical reasons. Hall said she will reschedule the hearing.

I hope Allison Palmer's 'medical reason' is from lack of sleep over her mishandling of this case. I wouldn't be able to sleep either knowing I had let this monster off to prey on another child.

And....Awwwww...the poor molester is dejected. But not as dejected as the kids he raped. This story also says that only three of the four boys the Love's adopted have been removed from their home. WHAT! Why is another child still in the care of these people? Not that I expect DHR to be of any help. After all one of the three boys that got raped was raped again after DHR removed them from the Love home....but why is a child still in that house? I also wonder how old this kid is? Shouldn't Love's probation have included a stipulation that he not be allowed around ANY CHILDREN?

If the judge sets aside the plea then Mr. Love would have to go back on trial...which, in my humble opinion, would not be a bad thing. From what I hear DHR had sexual abuse complaints on this swine for years....but the courts would never convict him so DHR just kept sending him kids to sodomize.

There needs to be an investigation into the actions of DHR in this case, as well as the DA's office for offering that deal and their recommendation that he not serve any jail time and into the Judge for accepting those terms. I understand that our Anti-Child Sex Predator Super Hero Troy King's mandatory minimums do not apply in this case because it was filed before those laws went into effect....but he could still investigate the DA's office and the Judge. However, if this plea is set aside King could step in and prosecute this case thereby taking it out of the hands of the inept idiots who let this man go free. There are those who will no doubt wonder if he would come out any better...especially after the and/or fiasco that recently played out in Autauga Co. But really, could he do worse than what was originally done?

Calling Troy King.........

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Anonymous said...

Troy King has never been a prosecutor. Word from insiders is that he's more concerned with his image (with an eye on being governor or higher) than the issues.