Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nall to be a Guest on WVNN Wednesday 7:30 AM

The feedback from the Hannity and Colmes appearance tonight has been very good so far. I haven't seen the piece yet and therefore will reserve any in-depth analysis. My general feeling is that is was good overall.

I wish there had been more time to discuss some other things that I found out about this case today....but the Hannity and Colmes format doesn't really allow for that.....unless of course you are talking about 'rasslin'.....then thre seems to be plenty of time.

I came by some new information today via a Huntsville attorney who regularly tries cases before Judge Hall. I'll be on talk radio at 7:30 A.M. CST in the morning at WVNN Huntsville on the Dale Jackson show talking in much more detail about this case and the new information. You can listen live HERE.


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Anonymous said...

That attorney is in the know.