Monday, July 16, 2007

Tell Congress to Support Medical Marijuana


For the past five years I have been actively engaged in supporting medical marijuana, doing both grassroots organizing on the state level and supporting other national efforts to get our elected officials to pass laws that will protect patients and their caregivers from arrest and prosecution under state and federal law for recommending and using marijuana as medicine.

The pro-medical marijuana Hinchey amendment is expected to happen this week. With the 2005 Supreme Court ruling having placed the issue squarely back in Congress's court -- and with the next opportunity for such a vote likely not to be until next year -- it is crucial that positive progress in the number of members of Congress voting for medical marijuana be shown. This means that your help is needed.

Please visit Stop the Drug War today to contact Congress in support of the Hinchey amendment, and please forward this appeal as widely as you can -- this is one of the most important votes on drug policy reform taking place in 2007.

If you wish to send your own personal letter instead of the pre-written at the above link or wish to call your elected official there here is that information. Phone calls are vitally important.

Residents of Alabama are represented in Congress by 7 Representatives.

Representative Jo Bonner (R - 01)
202-225-4931 202-225-0562

Representative Terry Everett (R - 02)
202-225-2901 202-225-8913

Representative Mike Rogers (R - 03)
202-225-3261 202-226-8485

Representative Robert B. Aderholt (R - 04)
202-225-4876 202-225-5587§iontree=559

Representative Bud Cramer, Jr. (D - 05)
202-225-4801 202-225-4392

Representative Spencer Bachus (R - 06)
202-225-4921 202-225-2082

Representative Artur Davis (D - 07)
202-225-2665 202-226-9567

Here are some shots of me engaged in past efforts to get Congress to pass this amendment. These are from a rally held on the steps of the Cannon House Bldg. in DC in 2005.

Congressman Ron Paul is in attendance in this shot. First head on the left. Congressman Paul has co-sponsored this bill every year that it has been brought before the US House.

I believe in the following photo we were all on our way to FORMER Congressman Mark Souder's office to tell him what we thought of him.

This one is of me lobbying Congressman Mike Rogers for suport of this amendment in 2004. He has so far refused to support this bill while giving no real reason for his NO vote.

And finally, this is one of me protesting Judge Judith Retchin after she sentenced quadrepelgic/ventilator dependant Jonathan Magbie to 10 days in jail for medical marijuana. Mr. Magbie drowned in his own fluid over a periof of ten days while being denied medical care. Please take the time to do a Google search on Jonathan Magbie to better understand why we need medical marijuana laws in this country.

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