Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time To Legalize Drugs?

Dr. Ethan Nadelmann, who is the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance appeared on The Fox Report with Shepard Smith last night to talk about legalizing drugs. The video is below.


Dan said...

Fox News providing a balanced view on drug policy? Am I dreaming?

Anonymous said...

---Glad to see Ethan Nadelmann on Fox News opening intelligent discussion on alternatives to prohibition / the failed "War on some Drugs".
---Regulating / taxing cannabis in a manner similar to tobacco and alcohol would be a far better alternative to what we presently have now.

Have also heard Dr. Nadelmann on NPR about 4 months ago:
"Making the Case For Legalizing Marijuana"

Dr. Nadelmann speaks in greater detail about creating an exit strategy to end the "War On Drugs" and make a road to drug sense & prison reform in this OCNORML video on YouTube:
"Ethan Nadelmann Speaks in Detroit"

-Sepp said...

Gather signatures and put to your state's ballot and take the legalization choice out of the politician's hands. Like FOX news said, politicians are scared shitless to even mention legalization for fear of having to obtain honorable employment.