Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mobile Judge Accused of Paddling Inmates

The Mobile Press-Register is reporting suspended Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman Thomas is being investigated for allegedly paddling inmates. The newspaper is reporting Thomas is accused of periodically removing prisoners from Mobile County Metro Jail and spanking them in a room at the courthouse. According to the Press-Regiser, once inside the room, the judge would ask the men to drop their pants and prepare to be spanked with what was described as a wooden paddle. Judge Thomas told the Press Register that he did not have any comment on the allegations. Sources also say that between six to 12 men have shared their accounts with investigators. Thomas is preparing for an October 29th judicial ethics trial in Montgomery that could remove him from the bench permanently. Those ethics charges allege that he helped his cousin, former Mobile County School Board Commissioner David Thomas, Jr. Investigators say Judge Thomas removed David Thomas from the crowded Mobile Metro Jail to the Prichard City Jail when Thomas was ordered to serve a week long sentence for leaving the scene of an accident that injured a little girl. The NAACP is holding a news conference right now.

I have come to the conclusion that many people in positions of power quickly become bored. They seek constant hyper-stimulation and pretty soon they run out of things with which to amuse they turn to the forbidden, the taboo and the absolutely strange.

I suppose it is a real kicker to do something like Senator Craig did which is to gay bash his whole career while trying to fuck every random male he encountered in an airport bathroom. What a thrill!
Same for the preacher guy who was smoking meth and banging male prostitutes and preachin' the word uh Jesus on Sunday to a televised audience. Ye Gads wouldn't that make the juices flow!

I wonder if Thomas ever put a guy in jail because he thought he had a nice ass that he might be able to paddle?

These people are sick man!


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VintageAndie said...

Wow. Reminds me of a bulletin I passed around yesterday. A list of things going back for a while that included many well known names and what they did. (In chronological order.)