Sunday, September 16, 2007

Night Shift is Kickin' My Ass!

So, I'm still working at Wal-Mart and it has been an interesting adventure thus far. It has taken some serious adjusting to get used to working with the public again...not to mention the other employees. At first, it was sort of like what I imagine waking up on another planet would be like. But after a week it's more like say... waking up in another country, so I guess that means I am adjusting.

Third shift hours are kicking my ass though. Having real trouble to adopting the hours of a vampire. No matter how dead tired I am when I get home in the mornings I can never manage to sleep more than four hours straight. Sometimes only three. I also find it difficult to go back to sleep after I get up from an initial nap. Today I was so worn out that I took an Ambien....and slept like the dead. While I was hoping I would wake refreshed I actually feel heavily doped...even though I got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. It is entirely possible that I am still asleep now and will not remember writing this post when I actually am awake and discover it on my blog.

The work part isn't bad. It's dull and boring. In fact, a deaf, blind, quadraplegic on life support could do it. From about 9 or 10 til midnight I run a register. Sometimes it's the cigarette register and sometimes it's not. Once midnight comes I go to the customer service desk and push buggies full of merchandise back to their area of the store and place it back on the shelves. There is lots of walking involved, which is good because I need to walk but I need much better shoes cause my feet hurt like a bastard. I bet I put in three or four miles a night. Last night I was tapped to be door greeter for an hour. You know....the person who stands at the door and says, "Welcome to Wal-Mart" and "Have a great day" or my version of it "Y'all come back". Talk about a dull, boring, how-the-hell-do-they-expect-me-to-stay-awake job. I almost went face first into the buggies I had lined up for any 3 a.m. shoppers that might happen through our doors.

I have some very interesting co-workers. I hesitate to discuss them here because you never know who is reading your blog and it is time for me to get ready to go do the Wal-Mart shuffle anyway.

More on my adventures at Wally-World when I once again find myself coherent enough to type.

Y'all come back.


Don said...

Lo, I feel for ya', but you're too far away for me to reach. I, too, know of the boredom and tedium of work that presents no intellectual challenge, which I know you are accomplished at handling completely and efficiently.

In a way, your experience at Wal-Mart is similar to that of gifted children who have to endure the drudgery of government schools, don't you think?

Oh yeah, while I'm here.....I hate that you missed out on my muscadines this year. They are still a few, but most of them have had their season without being enjoyed by anyone other than me and the lady (and her kids) who delivers my newspaper.

-Sepp said...

I work 12 and a half hour nighshifts! 4 on 3off 3 on 4 off 5 on 5 off! It's a killer sometimes.