Friday, October 26, 2007

Help Alabama Say NO to REAL ID

My friends at the Libertarian Party here in Alabama have formed a group dedicated to opposing the REAL ID Act. Please read the following email that I am forwarding on their behalf, send in a contribution if you can afford to do so (can you afford not to do so?) and show up at the next meeting. This is a non-partisan or multi-partisan effort if you will to stop Alabama from implementing the federal government's REAL ID program.

Live Free or Die,
Loretta Nall~

The Real ID Act is the defacto creation of an unconstitutional National ID card. It sets standards to ensure easy access and reliability. It also creates the largest database in the world linking hundreds of currently independent databases. Personal information about private citizens will be made available to Motor Vehicle Departments, Federal Agencies and private companies. The potential for abuse for political ends becomes certain.
news for October 25, 2007
Three steps to NO REAL ID IN ALABAMA:

1.What we will do for you: We will lobby extensively and make Alabama the Eighteenth State to pass a Resolution opposing REALID. We will also expand our operations and begin lobbying for a goal of 25 States TOTAL that reject REALID. We are already in contact with nine other states.

2. What we need from you: We need 100 folks to join in 30 days. All it takes is $25.00...for the price of nice lunch you get freedom from a national database. Your name will not appear on any lists. We will maintain our own lists with confidentiality.

3. Forward this email to friends and family that might be interested.


Every dollar will help us attain these goals even a single dollar contribution counts!In fact if every recipient of this email was to donate $1 a month we would be in great shape.

Rep. Cam Ward agreed to sponsor a resolution to oppose REALID and he will be joining us at one of our upcoming meetings! He is currently working on a version of the resolution that will be appropriate for Alabama.


1st Meeting Successes! We had wonderful attendance at our first meeting including the Chair of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia via teleconference. We are currently developing our email list (over 700 addresses) as well as encouraging blogging activities. We are also preparing for a press conference in January 2008.


Next Meeting:

October 29, 2007
2nd Meeting with Teleconferencing
When: 8:00 PM - 9:00PM CT
Where: Cleveland Building 2330 Highland Ave South, Birmingham, AL 35205
Send an email to info@NO2REALID.ORGfor teleconferencing directions.

This meeting is an advisory meeting setup to listen to basic suggestions about future strategy and tactics. We will be inviting participants to become members of our advisory board. Refreshments will be provided.

Virtual Meeting/ Chat
9:30-10:30 PM CT
Go to "Members Only" Page to visit Chatroom

To Join: Send a check or money order to:
2330 Highland Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35205

or if you wish to contribute by Paypal or credit card:

send an email to

If you can't make it please take a moment to let us know that you are interested in the issue by sending an email to If you would like to be removed from this list, please send us an email to out@NO2REALID.organd put REMOVE in the subject area.=

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Don said...

I just copied the organization’s email and emailed it to an extensive list of Alabamians.