Monday, November 19, 2007

Mobile, AL Federalizes Local Police in Drug War

I've said for years that the US Drug War is nothing more than a way to centralize federal power by federalizing local police. An editorial in todays Mobile Press Register confirms that claim.

Drugs Across the Bay

Federal agents and county and city law enforcement, though, can provide valuable manpower to focus on drug enforcement. That's why a newly created joint operation involving the sheriffs of Mobile and Baldwin counties and the DEA makes sense. It will be even better if Mobile and Daphne police join the effort.

As for the drug-interdiction program, the cooperation will allow more officer teams to cruise I-10. The deputies will be deputized as federal agents, so they can cross county and state lines during investigations, enhancing their abilities to track, find and stop drug traffickers.

Mobile police and sheriff's deputies are now federal government agents. Any questions?

Here is one of the many terrible things that can happen when local cops and federal cops get in bed together.

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