Monday, December 31, 2007

Say Goodbye to 2007

The Mobile Press-Register ran a column yesterday titled Say Goodbye to 2007 in which they list all of the incredible, amazing and hilarious things that happened in 2007.

Guess what made the cut?

But did he inflate?

Attorney General Troy King was a sitting duck for Loretta Nall's inflatable pig.

The state's sex-toy ban has been the subject of court challenges for nearly a decade. After it was finally upheld in federal court, a Jefferson County judge still refused to close a store selling sex toys in Hoover.

King could have left that matter alone; instead, his office said that if law enforcement officers wanted it, he would put stronger enforcement language in his legislative package.

So Nall, a one-time Libertarian candidate for governor, started a "Sex Toys for Troy King" drive, which she led by sending an inflatable pig to his office.

Some of you may be wondering what, exactly, is done with an inflatable pig that would make its sale banned in Alabama. The Insight staff looked it up on the Internet, and we're not going to tell you in a family newspaper.

God I love Alabama!

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