Friday, January 11, 2008


Yesterday the cable company came out to install a digital cable box and upgrade my service. They had not called to make the appointment so I had no idea they were coming yesterday. My husband was outside and came to the back door to tell me to put the dog up. Mr. Snoot does not take kindly to strangers of any sort. If they are in his house he is exceptionally rude.

So, I put Snoot in his kennel, which sits in my living room floor. Due to lack of space there are some potted plants sitting on top of the kennel and when he scratches, barks or moves the plants shake and the leaves rattle.

I go to the door and tell the guy sorry for making him wait....that I had to put my dog up. "No problem", he said. He walks in the house, goes into the living room and the dog went ape shit. He started snarling, viciously barking and sounded for all the world like he was about to tear that kennel apart. Snoot barks so loud that it will make your ears ring. That bark also has a lot of bass in it and when you hear it you know there is some serious dog behind it. The kennel was shaking, the metal door was rattling and the plants were jumping around. The poor little cable guy jumped about two feet and likely came very close to soiling himself. I tried not to giggle....really I did...but it was too funny and I am not one that has ever been able to hold in laughter.

"Sorry" I said. "See why I had to put him up?"
Standing with his hand over his heart and breathing heavy he said, "Yeah...I didn't know he was that close....what the hell kind of dog is that anyway?"
"A German Shepherd", I said. "Gets your attention don't he?"
"Shit...he sounds like a damn monster", he said. "Bet you don't have to worry about much with him around."
"Yeah....he's kinda like having a loaded shotgun at your side at all times. I wouldn't take all the money in the world for him."

Throughout the rest of the process the poor little guy kept one eye trained on the kennel. I guess after Snoot's impressive introduction he was afraid he actually could let himself out of the kennel and he was not interested in the least in coming face to face with the monster in the box.

I suppose my sweet little puppy is very frightening if he isn't your dog. But, to me he isn't a monster....he's mommies baby.

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Jon said...

Mr. Snoot seems very sweet and it's good to have protection from the bad guys.