Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jeff Sessions is such a GOOBER!

Now he's stopped progress on the Second Chance Act which would help recently released prisoners re-enter society and reduce recidivism, thereby saving taxpayers untold tens of thousands of dollars.

So, why is Jeff holding up progress? He says some of the programs haven't been tested to his supreme satisfaction. His solution? Keep throwing money at the old programs WE KNOW DON'T WORK.

It is my dream to one day walk up behind that 'Howdy Doody' looking dufus and thump the absolute shit out of his large, flapping ears. I ain't talking once or twice neither....I'm talking thump'um til they bleed. I mean look at'em.

I wonder if they could be thumped hard enough to smack the side of his face?


Dan said...

I don't like federal mandates to states, even if they're funded. Still, that isn't the reason Sessions cites for opposing the bill and this certainly isn't some legislation I would personally champion for obstruction.

Loretta Nall said...

Sessions of course is against anything progressive. There are a couple of things he has done that really make me scratch my head though.

1. He signed on with some Democratic senators in support of lowering the federal mandatory minimums for crack cocaine vs. powder cocaine. The disparity was 100 to 1. We wanted 1 to 1. Sessions went for 20 to 1.

2. He signed onto Senator Ted Kennedy's bill to stop prisoner rape. I don't know if this is direct evidence that Jeff Sessions has a soul or not....but it does make one wonder.

And then he turns around and pulls this stunt. I have been in contact with Rep. Chris Cannon's office for two years or more. They contacted me when this was first coming up for a vote in 2006 (or late 2005) and asked me to get my folks calling and talking to their senators and representatives in Washington and ask them to support the bill. Its a great bill.

And Dan...I don't like funded or unfunded mandates anymore than you do. They generally always lead down a very slippery slope. However, when it comes to non-violent drug offenders who never should have been placed in a government cage in the first place then I feel the government does owe them a hand up when it comes to re-entering society. Ten bucks and a bus ticket ain't cutting it.