Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures from Obama's stop in BHAM

First, let me say I am a Ron Paul supporter until he is no longer in the race. However, if he does not get the Republican nomination and chooses not to run as an Independent then I have to vote for someone else. Barak Obama is the most likely choice in that instance. When I received an invitation to attend his rally in BHAM I decided to go and check him out.

He is an exciting man, and excellent orator and just oozes charisma. However, that doesn't tell me anything about how he will be as President. I had hoped to have the opportunity to ask questions yesterday but that didn't happen. I stayed for the first hour of Obama's speech and then had to leave because the chairs in Bartow Arena are hell on an arthritic back.

Here are some pics from yesterday. Please forgive the poor quality of the ones of Obama. By the time he took the stage my batteries were low and unfortunately it shows in the quality of the photos.

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