Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coach Keith Resigns

Last year some of my readers may remember an incident at the school my children attend where the football Coach Andy Keith paddled a student so hard that the kids lower back, buttocks and upper legs were a solid black bruise.

I protested at the school with a sign that said "Coach Keith Beats Kids" and pissed off nearly everyone. I'm happy with that...they needed pissing off if you ask me.
You can read all of those posts here.

Today the Alexander City Outlook is reporting that Coach Andy Keith has resigned to take a coaching job in Walker Co.

While Keith emphasized how hard it would be to leave his players at Horseshoe Bend, he said he was ready for his next challenge.

"Those people up there love their football," Keith said. "They're fired up about football, they're fired up about winning and I am too."

Boy, if they are fired up about winning then why the hell are they hiring Andy Keith? You wouldn't know he was fired up about winning from his abysmal record at Horseshoe Bend. When I decided to protest I wanted "The Only Thing Coach Keith Beats is KIDS!" on my signs...but it wouldn't fit. For the record this is saying nothing against the players on the high school team. I know those kids play hard and want to win every game. I'm afraid Walker County is going to be incredibly disappointed with their new coach.

It's interesting timing if you ask me. I know from inside sources that the case against Coach Keith was to be settled this month and what do you know....he accepts a job this month in another county. Hmmmm...

Although the local paper reported on the incident at Horseshoe Bend last year they fail to mention it at all in the article about him leaving. What ever happened to good old fashioned investigative journalism and telling the whole story?

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~~alapoet~~ said...

What an obnoxious loser HE is -- someone needs to warn the parents and kids at his new school!