Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Busy Around Here

About this time every year invitations to speak at or attend various events start arriving. This year is off to a good start.

On March 11, I have been invited to attend the Anniston Star Ayers Lecture Writers' Dinner where I and others will be honored as Outstanding Letter Writers of the Year. The keynote speaker is none other than Arthur Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the New York Times. Should be a fascinating evening.

On April 4-6 the Central Alabama Chapter of MENSA is holding their annual gathering. I spoke to their national gathering last year in BHAM and they have invited me to speak to them again. Last year's speech was probably one of the best ones I have ever given and I did it all off the cuff. I find I usually do a much better job that way as opposed to trying to read something off a piece of paper.

On April 20-22 The Libertarian Party of Alabama will hold its annual convention. They have invited me to be a speaker on one of those days as well.

On a different note I am working to bring LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) to do a tour of Alabama this summer. LEAP is comprised of former narcotics detectives, cops, DEA agents, Judges, prosecutors and defense attys. who all now say the drug war is worse than any drug ever will be. They are quite an incredible group of folks and Alabama would benefit from having them enter the discussion on drug policy in this state. The state damn sure ain't listening to me. In a couple weeks when I have more info on the LEAP gig I will be asking for contributions to bring some of their speakers down. If you are at a major university and would like to help me set them up to speak there then please email me.

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Don said...

I also received an invitation to the Anniston Star letter writer dinner. I wish I thought I were physically able to attend, and perhaps accompany you on the trip up there and back.