Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Troy King Funnies

Readers it is once again time for more Troy King funnies. Now, Troy hasn't released his 2008 legislative agenda. I suspect it will be a recycling of his 2007 legislative agenda. There wasn't much good in that one and I don't hold out high hopes that this year will be much different. While we are waiting for Troy Boy to unveil his masterpiece of fascist legislation we can have some fun with one piece of legislation he has already announced.

The Montgomery Advertiser is running a story this morning about our esteemed Attorney General Troy King tackling drunk drivers. His plan is to place ignition breathalysers on the cars of people who have 3 DUI convictions.

The big problem with that is that there is no mechanism by which the breathalyser can tell who is blowing into it. So, theoretically, any drunk person can find a buddy to blow in it for them. One website says that the mechanism which prevents someone else blowing into the device is that a new blow is required during operation of the vehicle. That can easily be gotten around in a couple ways. 1.) Mean drunk makes one of his/her kids ride in the car so they can blow into the device and keep the car operational. 2.) You simply fill up some balloons when you are sober and leave them in the car for when you are not. I also wonder about the sensitivity of these devices. If someone rinsed with Listerine would the device be able to distinguish that from someone who has had say three beers? One of the sites for these devices says that it triggers at .02 to .04 which is far below the legal limit. Listerine might indeed trigger it.

For the record I oppose drunk drivers as much as anyone. When I spot them on the road I actually call the police. It is one of the very few things I will call them for. We all want drunk drivers taken off the roads....but passing useless legislation that any drunk person with a little imagination can get around isn't going to accomplish that. I am not sure if anything available in modern day America can accomplish that.

Dan over at Daily Dixie brings up the very real possibility that before too long these devices will be required on every vehicle.

Now, on to the next funny. Danny over at Political Parlor has an interesting piece on King being pissed and looking paranoid at a John McCain rally. There is some interesting speculation as to why he is unhappy. Go red it!

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