Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rep. Mike Rogers has some Competition

I just learned that Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama's 3rd district now has a Democratic challenger named Joshua Segall. Joshua is the son of Bobby Segall who was at one time president of the Alabama Bar Association and is currently the lawyer for the Alabama Democratic Party and sits on the board of Directors for Alabama ACLU.

Joshua has up a website which is currently pretty short on details. I assume a campaign platform will emerge soon.

Many of you might remember that after the 2006 election I talked of running against Mike Rogers in this election. I decided not to because I am not interested in being Washington DC's representative to Alabama. I want a seat in the Alabama house. I still get national media queries about whether or not I am running. Newsweek wrote just last week to inquire.

I am no Mike Rogers fan. All he is good for is being a rubber-stamp boy for George Bush. One of his aides told me that Rogers loves the Patriot and REAL ID Acts on my last visit to his office in DC to lobby him to vote against those nasty, constitution destroying documents. That in and of itself is reason to replace him. I have other reasons though.

Here's hoping Joshua does well. I'll likely be supporting his campaign in whatever way I am able. We need new, young, progressive faces representing us in Washington.

Joshua with his dog Sallie

Ones that love their doggies get extra points in my book.

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