Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Senator Bishop to SUE over Senate Sanctions

This just in from Phil Rawls at the AP

Alabama senator won't quit, but will sue over punch discipline

Associated Press Writer

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- The legislator who threw a punch in the state Senate said he won't quit over disciplinary action taken against him, but he will sue.

State Sen. Charles Bishop, R-Jasper, announced his intentions Wednesday, one day after he was removed from most Senate committees.

Bishop said some Democratic senators were trying to run him off, but that won't happen.

"I'm not going anywhere," he said in an interview.

Between the two legislative sessions, the Senate Ethics Committee reviewed the punch, but was unable to come to a consensus and took no action.

In court, Bishop said he will argue that the Ethics Committee violated his due process rights by never giving him an opportunity to present his version of events, which is that he reacted to being cursed.

Why can't this guy shut up and take his lickin' like a man? I'd like to point out that Bishop is a millionaire....but it's the taxpayers (and we ain't millionaires) who will foot the bill for this continued bullshit. The Republican's need to step up and encourage Bishop to drop this sissy whining and lawsuit nonsense and do his job....which doesn't include punching other Senators.

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