Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two Mobile Cops Arrested on Drug Charges

The Press Register is reporting that two Mobile cops have been arrested on drug charges

Two Mobile police officers have been arrested on drug possession charges and one also faces a theft charge.

Mobile Police Chief Phillip Garrett said Desmond Brooks, 28, of Theodore and Aaron Porter, 32, of Mobile were arrested Wednesday.

In a statement, Garrett said a search warrant was executed at Brooks' residence where officers confiscated illegal drugs. Brooks, who has been on the police force six years, was charged with two felonies - possession of crack cocaine and possession of marijuana. He also was charged with theft of lost property.

Porter, who has been an officer for about a year, was charged with possession of crack cocaine.

Both officers were held in Mobile County Metro Jail, pending a bond hearing. They were suspended from their jobs. It was unclear Thursday if they had attorneys.

Garrett said there was no indication that Brooks and Porter had used drugs or sold them. A tip last week led to the arrests.

"It was a total surprise to me," Garrett said.

And here's my favorite line...

Garrett said there was no indication that Brooks and Porter had used drugs or sold them.

So, what? They were just keeping them in their homes for shits and giggles? A medical emergency perhaps? Stocking up for the recession? They were either selling, using or both. The only other reason they might have them would be to plant them on people so they make their monthly bust quota.

Wonder how many men and women are sitting in prison today who were arrested by these guys?


~~alapoet~~ said...

Cops on crack... as if they weren't assholes enough, already!

Anonymous said...

I've always heard the cops have the best drugs and the best bud.