Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Crusade Against Plants?

I do believe the Tuscaloosa News has the fastest turn around on letter's to the editor of any paper in the state. The ones I send in always seem to run the next day.

Here is my latest that was published regarding Senaotrs' Bedford & Erwin's raging, moralistic, hard-on to ban all things pleasurable.

Why Crusade Against Plants?

Dear Editor: When I read the article regarding the bill by Sens. Roger Bedford and Hank Erwin to outlaw the little-known plant salvia, I could only shake my head in dismay. Their attempt to make it illegal and apply the same penalties currently imposed on non-violent marijuana consumers is absolutely absurd. What - we don't have enough people in Alabama jails and prisons for use of natural plants?

This seems like a coordinated campaign nationally. My guess it is coming from the DEA. It is outrageous, since salvia is a non-problem - but maybe if they prohibit it they can change that, seeing as how prohibition of other plants and their derivatives has worked so well in the past and all.

Once these legislative clowns make it illegal, we will see a huge jump in its use by kids. We'll see prison imposed for possession of a geranium plant, lives ruined, forced treatment, drug court and all kinds of crazy stuff that we don't see now when it is legal and not widely known all because of their raging, moralistic crusade to outlaw anything that might give someone else pleasure. What will they outlaw next, spinning around in circles until you get dizzy? That also alters ones state of consciousness.

If our legislative body truly wanted to go after problem plants then might I suggest kudzu and privet?

Loretta Nall

Alexander City


maria said...

So happy that they published it! :) What a great letter.

Don said...

If they (legislators at any level of government) want to crusade against any plant at all they should crusade against Pansies.

But that would be crusading for self-destruction because the majority of the Alabama Legislature and the US Congress appear to be pitiful Pansies without a stiff stem or stamen among them, and no roots planted in the ground of a representative republic.

Brandon Wynn said...

What good could come from this? They claim it is dangerous but provide no evidence to back up that claim. What can be done to keep this from happening? The thought police won't be happy until every ounce of joy in this world is sucked away and out prisons are bursting at the seams.

Brandon Wynn said...

Question: Do you know what the bill numbers are for Erwin and Bedford's bills? Also if the numbers are available for the Senate versions. One more question, since I can't seem to find anything about this, when would debate and/or a vote take place in the Senate on this matter?

Loretta Nall said...

Hey brandon,

There appears to be two bills.
SB 15 and SB 8.

SB 15 is Pending Committee Action in House of Origin Judiciary 02/05/2008 and SB8 was Read Second Time in House of Origin Judiciary 02/21/2008

To find out information about bills splease visit ALISON To find out how to contact your representative please go here.

Both are also linked on the sidebar of this blog.

As for what can be done to stop this....Brandon you appear to be doing it. Contact your member of the Alabama Senate and ask them to vote no. Pay thema visit in Montgomery in person and take information about the salvia plant with you to show them. Get others who feel that this plant (and all others) should not be subject to the whim of lawmakers and whatever war they are waging this week. Point out how many people we already have in prison for the use of native plants and how counter-productive has always prove to be.

I am very glad to see that you are willing to take action.

Semi-Concerned Citizen said...

my thoughts exactly.

I think I'll contact my senator as well. but then again, my senator is a sponsor of SB15, so it'll prolly fall on deaf ears. heh.

Loretta Nall said...

semi...Erwin is your senator....oh you poor poor soul. I really mean that fronm the bottom of my heart.

But do contact him because if he doesn't hear from you then he goes on thinking that everyone must support his diabolical schemes.

When dealing with Hank I would point out two things in the bible. The first one is Genesis 1:29. I am not sure where in the New Testament the next one is located but it is about a dream Paul had where everything that is was caught in a net and God asked him who he was to judge what was good and not good...or something like that.
(Thanks goes to Stuart at Free the Hops for that little gem of a bible lesson)

I am not religious myself and therefore it is hard for me to talk to people like Hank Erwin. Then again I know religious people who have that same problem.

But...nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. Call him up and report back here how it goes if you are so inclined. I'd love to hear about it.