Monday, March 10, 2008

Treatment in Alabama

The Birmingham News is reporting that Three Addiction Treatment Centers will Open in Alabama.

This is great news considering Alabama's appalling lack of treatment centers for people addicted to alcohol or drugs. On the other hand it is anything but affordable for poor people at $9,000 a pop. I met Clinton Pittman (who is not mentioned in this article) and another attorney who may have been Hinkle at The Federalist Society Luncheon a couple of weeks ago and had a great conversation with them about the serious lack of treatment beds in this state.

Monday, March 10, 2008
News staff writer

Three new private addiction treatment centers, including one in north Shelby County, are being planned for Alabama.

Authorities say the centers would provide an affordable alternative for patients now facing long waits for crowded publicly funded drug and alcohol abuse programs.

Robin H. Hinkle, president and CEO of Redmont Health Services, a for-profit group of private investors planning the project, said the centers will be geared toward patients who lack insurance to pay for high-priced private treatment programs and are unable to get into public programs.

"We'll take whatever insurance people have, but it's going to be affordable to a family," Hinkle said. The new centers will allow some patients to pay as they go. Nationally, 42 percent of people in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction pay for it themselves, Hinkle said.

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