Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kill These Bills!


In tomorrow's House Judiciary Cmte.meeting two incredibly horrid bills are coming up for a vote.

The first one is HB175 by Rep. Steve Hurst which would outlaw the sale of stun guns and tasers to the public making them only available to law enforcement. I have written about this on my blog. Please go HERE
and read it.

The second one is HB723 by Rep. McLaughlin would include pregnant women in the chemical child endangerment act. After a baby is born the doctors test it for drugs without the parents permission.If the test is positive then the newborn infant is snatched away from its mother while the mother is sent to prison.

This is wrong on so many levels. It will ensure that vulnerable pregnant women do not seek prenatal care or go to medical facilities to give birth. This is bad for both mother and child and places them at greater risk. It is also unthinkable that the state would seek to separate a newborn and mother.That is a critical time for bonding.

If there are women who are addicted to drugs then the state should fund treatment centers where women can have their babies with them and learn parenting skills. Additionally such myths as 'crack babies' are unfounded. There is absolutely no scientific proof that such a thing exists. There is also no medical evidence that marijuana causes any sort of harm to a baby. This bill raises the issue of the state claiming ownership of a woman when she becomes pregnant. Next they will probably try and extend it to 'Any woman who may become pregnant.'

Here is what I need you to do. Contact every member of the judiciary committee listed HERE
When you click on their names their contact info will come up. Some have email addresses. Some don't. If they list a fax number I recommend using that method of contact. You can use some of the same wording in this post on HB175 to ask the members to vote NO on both of these bills.

Send this to everyone you know.


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