Sunday, April 27, 2008

Turnip Greens and a Moth

Today I harvested the first mess of turnip greens from the garden. Here they are being washed in the kitchen sink.

I meant to take pictures of them after they were cooked and on plates but they didn't last long enough. The taste was amazing! They certainly have something that the frozen ones at the grocery store are lacking. I really enjoyed the process of picking them, cleaning them, chopping them, cooking them and eating them. There is something about growing your own food that makes it taste so much better.

Today I planted bush green beans, fordhook lima beans, more brandywine tomatoes and a couple of zinnias. My husband planted zucchini and cucumbers. I also started in cups watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet banana pepper, lima beans and pole green beans.

Our okra also sprouted. I hope it does real well because this family LOVES fried okra. I pulled up all my broccoli because it was all going to seed. I guess it wasn't planted early enough or something.

Below are pictures of a luna moth that my daughter discovered near my flower garden.

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Don said...

Lo, every crop has its own prime season (or perhaps two seasons – Spring and Fall) for growing. You might want to check out what is best for when on the Elmore County Extension Office website @ or the ACES website @