Monday, April 07, 2008

Wrights Dairy & Creamery

The next time I go into BHAM on 280 (which should be the end of this week) I am stopping here. They also have a location in Alexandria, AL which is between Anniston and Gadsden on 431.

Home churned Memaw used to make....yeah I'm in.


Don said...

When I was a kid we kept a cow and I did my share of milking and churning. As I seem to recall, in order to make buttermilk the milk had to sit un-refrigerated until it curdled. At that point, most of the watery portion, the whey, that had separated was drawn off before the remainder was churned. Our Mother always kept the whey and drank it. After churning, most of the butter was taken out, and put in a flour sack so more whey would drain off. Then the butter was compressed and formed into cakes. Most folks today wouldn’t have a clue about how to milk a cow, much less make butter and buttermilk.

Our several vegetable gardens, the cow, chickens, hogs, and honey from bee hives were primarily what nourished a family of eight, and no, we didn’t live on a farm. We supplemented our diet with wild game, fish, blackberries, and various nuts from the trees that grew naturally in the area.

Loretta Nall said...

Both my sets of grandparents had massive gardens and lots of livestock. The only thing my MeMaw ever bought at the store was sugar, lemons, tea, coffee, chocolate and certs, which she used to bribe us into being quiet when we'd start wiggling during church.

Everything else we ate was raised right there in the spot where we lived.

I look back now at what MeMaw's day consisted of and it absolutely amazes me how hard she worked all her life.

She raised three kids, cooked three hot meals a day (MeMaw didn't do cereal and sandwiches), which means she spent a lot of time in the kitchen. When she wasn't in the kitchen cooking or cleaning she was hoeing, raking, weeding, picking, shelling, shucking, chopping, blanching, freezing, canning, killing and de-feathering a chicken, making hominy in the black iron kettle out front or something else to do with the growing and preserving of food. Even when she was sitting down, which almost never happened before 6 p.m., she was busy sewing, quilting or churning buttermilk.

I don't remember much about the process of making the buttermilk other than the churning, which always took place during the only luxury time she afforded herself...when she was watching Wheel of Fortune.