Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Shots


Gerber Daisies

White Field Corn

Purple Hull Peas

Giant Red Zinnia about to bloom

Mater blooms

Tasseling corn

Eggplant bloom

The two big rows

I made this row yesterday. Half is planted in okra and the other half is planted in white field corn.

Okra - My okra seems slow to take off. Is there a trick to growing okra that I am unaware of? Any gardeners out there who have some magic tricks for okra?


Julie said...

The garden looks great! You must not have too many squirrels about. I've planted Gerber daisies (in pots) on my deck, one day they're beautiful the next day they're gone. I'm assuming it's the squirrels although I've never caught them at it.

Looks like there's going to be some good eatin' at the Nall house this summer. I am jealous.

Loretta Nall said...

Oh yes there will be lots of good eating this summer at my house. I am really anxious for the first tomatoes. They are my favorite garden yummy.;

Squirrels eat your Gerber Daisies? I've never heard of that. There are millions of squirrels around here but they have never bothered mine. What has attempted to destroy them though are rollie pollies and snails. Sevin dust took care of them though. The next time you get some try sprinkling a little sevin dust on them and see if that helps keep the thieving creatures away.

Don said...

My experience is that okra is a heat loving veggie. The coolness of the weather so far this year may be making it grow slower, but it should speed up when hotter weather arrives. It should begin producing edible pods when it’s about a foot tall.

Not to be picky, but your daisies are actually Gerbera. :-)

Loretta Nall said...

Don that is the same thing my mom told me about okra when I asked her a few days ago. I'm ready to eat some but damn if I am ready for hot weather to get here.

Yeah I know it is gerbera and not gerber....but most folk call them and know them as gerber daisies. I do believe they are my favorite flower. The pink one currently has four blooms open and two more about to open. I've never seen that many blooms on one at the same time.

Don said...

Your daisies are certainly pretty no matter what they're called.

Julie said...

Loretta, I assume it's the squirrels because the tops (just the flower part) is eaten right off. Clean as a whistle. I will try the Sevin dust, or maybe I'll just enjoy yours!

I'm anxious for some good tomatoes too. I haven't planted any this year but Mom should have plenty. I bought some last week at one of the peach farms in Clanton and they were very good.