Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garden Yummies!

Turnip Greens....

There what's for lunch

Corn about to bloom

Tomatoes & Purple Hull Peas

Green Beans

Purple Hull Peas & Field Corn


Lima Beans


Beans, corn & squash


Okra...and FINALLY a useful purpose for a Victoria's Secret catalog!


Don said...

Everything looks great! Your garden is far ahead of mine, but I think you were able to plant earlier because you have what looks like sandy soil which dries out a lot faster than my red clay soil. I just seeded more butterbeans in my final row yesterday, luckily before the thunderstorms before daylight today. If I had a camera and knew how to use it I’d send you some photos. I have 6 rows, each 50 feet long. If you put them end to end I’d have one row as long as a football field from one goal line to the other. I have corn, snap beans, cucumbers, 3 types of butterbeans, about 4 or 5 types of peppers, two types of summer squash, 3 cabbage plants that supposedly can produce 50 pound heads, okra, 4 types of tomatoes (in large pots filled with “Mater Dirt” developed by Auburn University, and cantaloupe. Everything us up except for the cantaloupe and the butterbeans I planted yesterday. You’ll have to drop by and see it some day.

Oh, BTW, I always called what your corn is doing "tasselling out" instead of blooming. :-)

achull said...

Your garden looks like it's on its way.. I have one beautiful daisy bush blooming.
The reson im commenting here is b/c this is the only place i can get into your site as the email or contact does not work. I,m going to try and call number tomorrow.hope it works...I just recently found your blog thru web browsing and sitting here in disbelif that several not one but several are mentioned in your writings. ex. would be Judge Lawly, Lt. Hogan ( nice to see that in print as he led me to believe his name was Logan)