Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why...Yes I'll Give You My Autograph

Believe it or not I am often asked for my autograph. I have given out a number of them since 2003 or so. While I always want to decline I never do. I am not an autograph type gal for the most part. I feel like when people ask me for that they think I am somehow superior to them or possess something that they do not. That is never the image I want to portray to my readers and fans.

However, I also realize that people like to collect autographs and I admit that the flattery is nice. It makes me feel really weird...but it is still nice.

Yesterday I got the following request via mail.

I just wanted to post it here on my blog and to thank Gloria for writing and asking. And thanks for reading my rants, diatribes and verbal explosions on the blog. You are always welcome here. I'll drop your autographed photo in the mail today!


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