Saturday, June 14, 2008

Garden Bounty

Some of our garden yummies are starting to trickle in. In the shot above are zucchini squash around the top, cucumbers around the bottom and squash and peppers in the middle. I am ready for some tomatoes but none of mine are ripe yet.

Speaking of tomatoes a very strange thing happened last weekend with my patio tomato. It was weighted down with tomatoes, growing like mad and putting out new blooms. Not a blemish on it. This was Saturday of last week. I watered it that day. The next morning I went out and it was deader than a door nail. I flushed it with water again and waited til the afternoon to see if it would perk up. It didn't. I picked off the tomatoes big enough to save and pulled the plant. There was no damage anywhere on it. The roots were fine. The stem wasn't broken. I have no clue what might have killed it. No clue at all. It almost made me sick.

Later today I am going to cook up some stuffed zucchini and maybe even some zucchini bread. YUM!

I'll also note that whatever kind of cucumbers we are growing this year are divine. They are so crispy and sweet and bearing so fast we can hardly keep up with them.


Don said...

Do you have room for a guest at your table??

Loretta Nall said...

You bet Don. You are welcome at my table anytime!

I just turned those zucchini's into stuffed zucchini's. The filling is made of onions, garlic, chopped cherry tomatoes and mozzerella cheese all cooked in olive oil. They are in the oven now. I will post a pic when they are done cooking and before we gobble them up.

Don said...

You're TOO kind. I wish I were there.