Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden Shots

The zinnia that will not stop blooming. Most of my zinnias have one or two layers of petals. This one has so many layers you cannot even see the yellow center. And it just keeps on putting out more petals.

Squash & Eggplant

Moon & Stars Watermelon. I'm jealous because countrycat's watermelons already have babies She has a really cute donkey too!

Anahiem Pepper

Tomatoes. Pretty soon I will have them running out my ears. The cherry tomatoes are ripening already. We are getting about a handful a day.

Purple Hull Peas. This is the first time I have ever grown peas. I had to shell a many of'em when I was a kid. My thumbs would turn purple and underneath the nail would hurt so bad I'd think it was gonna fall off. Whatever I am doing for these peas they seem to like it. I can't wait to eat some.

Okra....I love okra and cannot wait til I get the first mess.


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