Monday, June 16, 2008

"I Believe" branding iron coming soon

I've taken a couple days off from blogging. Was busy last week with summer camp for both my kids. However, a friend sent me this story about that rabid Baptist Senator Hank Erwin and his latest crusade and I just can't pass it up. AL Senator to propose 'I Believe' license plates.

It pisses me off that he wastes taxpayer time and money with garbage like this. But, no matter, pretty soon with gas prices like they are we'll all be riding horses. I suppose when that happens Erwin will try to get a branding iron bill with the cross and the words “I Believe” through the legislature.


Christie O'Brien said...

I just don't even know what to comment anymore for things like this. Um's 2008! Leave the bible stuff for those who chose to believe. Don't shove it down our throats! Like I've said SO many times before regarding Alabama...don't they have MUCH more important stuff to spend our money on?!?!

Brandon Wynn said...

Try to not look at it as a waste of taxpayers' money because they can counter that it will generate money since it's a vanity plate even though I've yet to hear a price. However, it should be viewed as a blatent attempt to blend religion and government. It's far worse than the "God Bless America" tags ... although I felt a little weird turning the tag down when the first question the registrar asked me was did I want the God Bless America tag last October.