Saturday, June 21, 2008

Marijuana found in long-sealed City Safe

From the Mobile Press-Register

Marijuana found in long-sealed City Safe

Staff Reporter

FAIRHOPE — The event was planned and advertised weeks ago: At the new Fairhope Museum of History, officials would open a city safe that had been abandoned and unused since 1971.

What would be inside? Nothing? Old city records?

On Thursday morning, a crowd of nearly 30 Fairhopers watched as locksmith Nevitt Baker lifted away its heavy, black door. A musty smell filled the room, and the crowd laughed as news cameras and curious locals closed in on the open safe. One woman rushed her young son out of the museum, saying she didn't want him to see what was inside.

A few called out the obvious — its bottom shelves were filled with marijuana. The vault apparently had last been used by police investigators to stash drug evidence.

"Here is somebody's name, somebody I remember, who would be terribly embarrassed right now," said Donnie Barrett, the museum's director, as he later examined a label attached to one of several matchboxes filled with dry, 37-year-old dope. "It looks like a whole bunch of dope is what we've found here. I wish it was a little bit more than that," Barrett said.

I love that last line. It just cracks me up. I know he didn't mean it like that....or, hell maybe he did :) Could have been a Freudian slip.

I also find it funny that a woman rushed her young son out because she didn't want him to see the weed. Better not tell her about the DARE program at school, huh? What is so scary about seeing weed? I mean, it's green plant material much like oregano or dried grass clippings....or if you can get the really good stuff it looks very similar to high quality hops.

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