Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No He Didn't!!

According to ABC33/40 Bham Mayor Larry Langford wants to give public school teachers the power to 'knock out' students with disciplinary problems.

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford wants to give teachers more power in the classroom, and he's not talking about curriculum. Tuesday afternoon, he told the school board he wants to work through the state to give teachers the right "to knock them out," with the *them* being the students.

"Nobody's talking about child abuse. Nobody's talking about burning kids with cigarettes and tying them to walls. If discipline is necessary then you take it."

Parents like Titus Battle disagree with that approach.

"No hitting of children. We need to teach them. We need to guide them. We need to be patient."

The Mayor also believes there should be more discipline at home by parents.

Not only is Larry a tin hatted loon, it appears he is a tin hatted loon with a death wish. Good thing he doesn't know about this guy else he'd offer him a job.

I find it very odd that he brought forth images of kids being burned
and tied to walls. What, exactly is going on inside that man's head?

No parent should allow the state to physically and violently assault their children. Corporal punishment in public schools should be outlawed in Alabama once and for all.

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