Sunday, June 29, 2008

Salvia Letter in Cullman Times

My letter opposing the banning of Salvia appeared in today's Cullman Times

LETTER: Why ban salvia?

In response to 'Magic Mint' (The Cullman Times, June 23, 2008) I disagree that salvia needs to be banned and made a felony offense. If, as the headline implies, legislators know little about it then it doesn't even rise to the level of acknowledgement. Ms. Soule's attempt to make it illegal and apply the same penalties currently imposed on non-violent marijuana consumers is absolutely absurd. What — we don't have enough people in Alabama jails and prisons for use of natural plants?

This seems like a coordinated campaign nationally. My guess it is coming from the DEA. It is outrageous, since salvia is a non-problem — but maybe if they prohibit it they can change that, seeing as how prohibition of other plants and their derivatives has worked so well in the past and all.

Once Ms. Soule, in collusion with our legislative clowns, make it illegal, we will see a huge jump in its use by kids. We'll see prison imposed for possession of a geranium plant, teens and college kids saddled with felony criminal records (according to Sen. Bedford they are the main consumers), lives ruined, forced treatment, drug court and all kinds of crazy stuff that we don't see now when it is legal and not widely known all because of the raging, moralistic crusade to outlaw anything that might give someone else pleasure. What will they outlaw next, spinning around in circles until you get dizzy? That also alters ones state of consciousness.

Drug prohibition doesn't work, has never worked and will never work. If it did then our prisons would not be stuffed full of non-violent drug offenders and our high schools and college campuses wouldn't be the easiest places to get drugs. This madness has to stop. If the legislature insists on going after problem plants then might I suggest kudzu, privet and poison ivy? That would be a real no brainer.

Loretta Nail

Drug policy reform advocate and was the 2006 Libertarian candidate for Governor of Alabama.


Kathy said...

I linked to your post here. Should I be worried about my "contraband" pineapple sage?

Loretta Nall said...

I'd say any and all 'green leafy substances' are in danger of being seized by the government. :)

I love pineapple sage. It smells heavenly!