Friday, June 06, 2008

Snoot and the Frog

Yesterday evening Snoot had his first close encounter with a frog. It was quite hysterical. Now, before anyone freaks out let me say that the frog was not harmed at any time during his encounter with the dog. I love frogs. Have since I was a kid and would catch them and make them pee on my older sister would proceed to freak out! Yep, they have held a special place in my heart since then.

We were sitting outside on the swing, enjoying the cool breeze and planning what we want to do in the garden this weekend when Snoot started barking at something in his fence. He'd ease over close to where it was, bark and then jump about ten feet in the air every time the frog jumped. At one point Snoot picked up his empty water tub and tried to crash it down on the frog. I thought I would die laughing. It's almost like he was scared of it and wanted it gone but didn't want to touch it. He never once tried to put his mouth on it. Never even nosed it. He'd bark at it like he was gonna eat it up and then look over at me as if asking, "Uh...Mom...what do I do with this?" and then proceed to bark some more.

We watched this wholesome family entertainment for a few minutes before I decided to go in and save the dog from the big, scary frog. At first I didn't see the frog. I looked and looked at the place where he was barking but saw nothing. Then my eye happened across the big, rust colored toad. It was too fat to fit through the chicken wire at the bottom of the dog pen. It offered absolutely no resistance when I picked it up and handed it out to my husband for safe transfer to a less dangerous place. Here are some pics.

He is a good looking frog ain't he?

I think the most amazing thing I learned from this entertaining episode yesterday is that despite all of Snoot's gruff demeanor he isn't a mean dog. Most other dogs would likely have ripped Mr. Toad to shreds, even if they were just playing with it, but Snoot only barked and then looked at me repeatedly for instruction on how to proceed. He is so damn smart!

I've been working with him and the cats. He acts like he is going to eat them alive but when we get close to them he simply sniffs their butts and licks them. They even roll over on their backs and play with him.

I've also been working with him on the 'attack' signal and man did he pick it up quickly! If I had given it yesterday for the frog then the frog would be no more.

I have no doubt that my dog would die for any member of this family or that I could give the command and he would slap eat somebody up....but he isn't a mean dog...he's a SMART dog. I am glad to know that he wouldn't just jump on another animal and kill it because he could. I've never allowed him to kill or bite another animal. He seems to be distinguishing between when something is new and interesting and when something is a threat. And his reaction also depends heavily on whatever vibe I am giving off.

He is the best dog ever!

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