Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Snoot and the Rock Star

My daughter has Creative Writing Camp this week at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in downtown BHAM. I borrowed my brothers truck for this week to get her back and forth. Yesterday, while she was at camp, I spent the morning with a friend. Today my friend had other business to attend to and, since it costs so much to drive around and kill time, I decided to park under the overpass behind the school located at
18th St N. and 9th Ave. N. and wait the four hours for camp to be over.

I had the dog with me. He rides in the back in his kennel and seems to really enjoy it. I hope to get him to the point where one day he will be able to ride without it. He'd look good on the back of a truck.

Anyway, after I parked I got Saul out of his kennel to go for a stroll and a bathroom break. He was a little antsy with all the traffic rumbling overhead but settled down and gave into his curiousity about these new surroundings after a few minutes. He found a brand new Chrysler 300 with rims that had to cost half as much as the vehicle and watered it in pretty well. After a few more minutes of walking around we started making our way back to the truck.

As we approached the truck I noticed what appeared to be a gentleman with a penchant for crack cocaine leaning into the bed of the truck. The only things back there were the kennel and a tire iron. I suppose you might get someone to give you five bucks for the two items combined...but since it would cost me much more than that to replace either I wasn't about to let him abscond with my shit.

We approached quietly from the rear and when I felt we were close enough I hollered out, "Hey what are you doing in my truck?" and I simultaneously gave the dog his secret signal that means "Show your ass like the Tasmanian Devil!" He complied. He's scary as fuck when he gets all worked up like that.

I had a really hard time holding onto Saul. Perhaps that's because I was laughing so hard at the reaction of the rock star and would be thief who jumped about 3 feet off the ground and took off like the Coyote with an ACME rocket strapped to his ass. Truly hilarious! I take it that he didn't expect the occupant of the kennel to be so close by.

I found that German Shepherds are useful in North Birmingham and probably just about anywhere else that is considered a bad neigborhood. A GS inspries folks to give you an incredibly wide berth and no one ever walks up to me and says "Does he bite?" or "Can I pet him?" or, the phrase most commonly heard in North Birmingham, "Hey, got a dollar?"

He's a gorgeous, regal animal, but he doesn't inspire anything in most folks but a well justified fear. And that's just the way I like it.

He so rocks. He is the BEST DOG EVER!


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