Tuesday, June 03, 2008

WARNING: You Will Be Attacked By A HUGE Vicious Dog and then SHOT!

I know...that's a hell of a title for a post. I assure you I mean every word of it.

As my husband and I were returning home yesterday evening our neighbor across the road flagged us down. He told us that the night before about 10 p.m. he had been outside. He said he heard an automobile slowing down and a woman's voice screaming profanities and saying "Them GD, SOB's live right up there on that effin hill...pull in."

My neighbor said a dark colored SUV (he wasn't sure what kind) pulled up our drive way and that everyone inside started yelling very nasty and vulgar things out the windows. He said he very seriously considered getting his gun and riddling the SUV with bullets. You see, around these here parts we neighbors look out for one another. I watch his place and he watches mine. We tolerate no bullshit in our nice, quiet, family oriented, rural community. Got that? NONE AT ALL.

He said after a few minutes they then spun off throwing up a cloud of rocks and dirt.

When this happened we were all sleeping and didn't hear any of it. Whoever did it is very lucky on that front else they would either be dead or nursing some very nasty wounds from a huge German Shepherd and a couple nice bullet hole accessories.

I have no idea who it could be. I don't have company at my house other than family. I don't have any rowdy friends and I don't really have any local friends. All of my buddies live out of town. None of them would have done anything like that. I don't have any enemies to speak of. Sure, there are folks who disagree with my political ideology, but I doubt they would go so far as to enter my private property and hurl vulgar profanities at my home. My kids don't have any enemies.

I guess it really doesn't matter who it was cuz I'll find out when I shoot them anyway, right?

In the event that whoever was foolish enough to do that is reading this blog BE WARNED. You don't wanna be fucking around anywhere near my place. I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment, I own guns that everyone in the house can fire accurately and I have a dog that can kill you....easily...no problem. And he would enjoy it, too. You came very close to losing your lives on Sunday night when my neighbor considered riddling your vehicle with bullets. Don't come back. If you do you risk your very life. If I don't get you my neighbor will. We won't call the cops until after you are bleeding profusely.

Believe that.



Don said...

This must happpened so quickly that your neighbor didn't have time to phone and alert you. I can't fault him for not shooting because the perps weren't on his property and he saw no evidence that your lives were threatened, so shooting could have led to his being charged with breaking the law.

Don said...

A second thought is that if this happens again, first shoot to deflate the tires on the vehicle so it will be disabled and you can trace the owner. If you have return fire, then shoot near those firing at you, but unless they are attempting to enter your home you may be in trouble if you actually hit one of them with your fire.

Loretta Nall said...

My neighbor didn't call because he doesn't have my number. I hadn't thought of it but I forgot to give it to him the last time I changed it. I'll do that today. He won't come up here because he is mortified of my dog.

As for shooting out the tires....look if someone comes onto my property and is threatening me or my family then I'm shooting to badly injure if not outright kill. I don't care what their reason for coming here is. I do not have any friends on the police force or in the judicial system in Tallapoosa County. They are my enemies. I cannot trust them to do their job where I am concerned. I'd rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone if you know what I mean.

If the dog gets on their ass good and proper there ain't a lot I can do. He obeys the command to eat ass very well but he is very reluctant to obey the command to stop eating ass...probably because I've spent way less time working with him on the latter than the former :)