Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Montgomery Advertiser offers Troy King Advice...

On his OUTRAGEOUS salary....

King's Pay Too High for Alabama

Alabama Attorney General Troy King is the second highest paid state attorney general in the nation, which is outrageous in a state that historically and currently ranks among the bottom 10 in per capita income.

King says that he had nothing to do with setting that salary, which is true.

However, King should not be allowed to simply to wash his hands of the issue by saying he did not create it. There are lots of problems in Alabama that the state's attorney general did not cause, but that does not relieve him of the responsibility to help solve them.

Such a high salary ranking for Alabama's attorney general would not be justified even if King was the second-best attorney general in the nation. But considering his record, he cannot even claim that with any credibility. His record is far from sterling.

We would suggest that King take a little of his valuable time and give the issue of his high salary some thought. We would further suggest that he ask the Legislature to stop the automatic increases in salary for the office he holds. Even better, he should ask lawmakers to lower the salary so that it is more in line with what a state with a low per capita income should be paying.

I doubt Troy will be taking their advice...after all if they lower his pay how will he be able to afford to keep all of his rumored Messrs?

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