Friday, July 25, 2008

Troy King still refusing to deny rumors

Last night I joined Larry Barton again for his radio show in Talladega. Larry mentioned that an NBC 13 reporter cornered Troy King at a police graduation ceremony yesterday in Anniston and asked him about rumors that he is about to resign. Troy refused to answer saying that he was there to talk about the police. Did anyone else see this clip on NBC 13 news yesterday evening?

Glad to see the media is still trying to get to the bottom of this story. I'm starting to wonder if Troy King is, in some perverse way, enjoying all of this extra media attention. He sure doesn't seem to be in any hurry to put the rumors to rest. I know the argument that as long as he neither confirms nor denies the rumors that the media doesn't have a handle to write the story. But, really, which is more damaging? A media story where he denies that he is gay and moves on with business or having these rumors out there, festering and swirling with no denial at all?


Anonymous said...

I watched it. He said something along the lines of "No comment, I'm not commenting on that here. I'm here to talk about the accomplishments of those graduating." [loosely paraphrased] And he was smirking as he spoke.

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks for that writechic. I looked for a video clip on NBC13 but can't find one.
I wonder how long he is going to let this go on. I also wonder how long the media will be willing to keep at him.

Anonymous said...

I searched for the clip, too. That site has really gone down hill.

As for King, what a weird reaction. Why not say, there's absolutely nothing it.

Indignant politicians LOVE to make journalists feel small.

Anonymous said...

Because if he says it's not true then the real media, the one that has rules against printing lies and obvious false rumors could print "Troy King denies rumor" and print the entire rumor for the other 90% of the state that has no idea its out there. If this were a real story, his wife would have filed for divorce and he would not be going home every night. This is insane. If his wife caught him then three people would have information, Troy King's wife, Troy King, and other person. Who is the "source" who leaked it? How did they get information from one of those three people? Why has Troy King's wife not filed for divorce? Simple, its not true. It was a lie to begin with. How stupid do you people have to be to believe this b/s?

The Ripley Porch said...

At this point...the best thing for Troy to admit he is a closet Democrat, and quickly change parties. I think as a Democrat...he' be widely accepted...and most of his anti-gay views and law-and-order actions would still be a easy sell in Bama.

Although he could stay Republican by taking some kind of course out in Southern California and getting this stuff out of his mind. At that point...he could say that he's fully recovered, and a pure Republican again...although I'm fairly sure his wife ain't going to accept that line.