Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Troy King tidbits for today

Media Frenzy From the Lagniappe in Mobile.

King Second Highest Paid AG in the Nation
That's a real shocker as King is about as qualified to be AG as I am to be Governor. The comments on the linked post above are interesting and show the incredible hypocrisy of the people supporting King in this rumor battle. Apparently, even though I never talked about Troy King's wife or kids, nor did I allow anyone else to on this blog, my children are now being threatened because some anon poster is angry that they can't beat me in a battle of smart-assery on an internet forum. Some Republicans are way too easy! It only took the following six, small words to unravel the whole Republican ball of yarn on why King has been silent for so long and those words are... "School is out for the Summer"

Troy King was client of a gay consultant killed in a double murder-suicide last year I'm not sure this has anything to do with the rumors about Troy, but it is interesting.

Troy, Troy, Troy An Alabama blogger who went to college with King says he has always believed that King was in the closet.

Troy King has been conspicuously absent from any media for the last week or so with the exception of this which appears to be unavailable at this time. This is a guy who never met a camera or microphone he didn't like. I'm told that he was a no-show at the Alabama District Attorney's Convention, a no-show at a Victim's Rights luncheon, and a no-show at a meeting with drug company officials involving a huge multi-million dollar settlement payable to the state of Alabama over Medicaid fraud. Word is still out on whether he has been attending church.

This rumor isn't going to go away. As long as he keeps his silence and avoids the media like the plague, then I predict that this thing will get bigger and bigger and bigger.


Kathy said...

Loretta, the Lagniappe also has this.

Loretta Nall said...

Thaks for the heads up Kathy. That is very close to the same scenario I have been envisioning. Funny stuff!

Sherry Swiney said...

News has leaked that Troy King is also involved in the Don Siegleman scandle/wrongful imprisonment issue.

Remember that Troy King and Bill Pryor are like two peas in a pod involved in the above and who knows what else. Remember also that Pryor was involved in the wrongful imprisonment of Patrick Swiney, a cop who was responsible for the convictions and imprisonment of the Baldwin
County D.A. for drug smuggling and racketeering; subsequently Swiney was framed for murder. Though scientific evidence proved Swiney could not have committed this crime, Alabama courts have refused Swiney to present this evidence in their courts.

Now wouldn't it be something if University Law Schools assigned their law students the ask of studying the Swiney case where conspiracy is obvious in the trial transcripts?

What would it take to get this evidence heard in Alabama courts, getting it past people like King and Pryor et al?

paulie said...

I remember Troy from college. He was always a little weird. He used to write frequent letters to the CW, which described in detail his disgust with homosexuals hooking up in public toilets (well before Larry Craig), a subject he seemed to be intimately familiar with, and exhorted readers to go eat at Cracker Barrel, which at the time was under fire for a policy of discriminating against having gay employees. Troy always seemed just a little too obsessed with homosexual perversion.

Nov. 17, 2007

paulie said...

Oops let's try it like this

paulie said...

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