Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Morning Troy King Roudnup

The carefully wound ball of yarn continues to unravel....

Birmingham News Editorial
Being in the "In Crowd" at the AG's office has its perks and one of them is a very generous pay scale

WZTV Nashville

Associated Press - Alabama AG Boosts Staffers Salary, Titles

Tuscaloosa News Editorial - Alabama AG and his staff are overpaid

There are likely more that I haven't found yet.

Since this story broke on Sunday in the BHAM News I have noticed that the supporters who were defending King a few weeks ago on blogs all across Alabama have been dead silent. Yesterday one did respond to me over at Daily Dixie by saying "John Edwards and there is still no 'evidence'". No kidding....that is what she said.

While I have no beef with Susan Fillippeli I found her response to be typical of any political operative when one of their own is in trouble…point the finger at someone in the opposing party…QUICK!!!! Doesn't matter if they are not in Alabama...just find a Democrat/Republican engaged in some sort of questionable fuckery and start shouting their name. For the record, I agree with her that there has been little blogging from the Left on the John Edwards story....but Edwards isn't in Alabama and isn't using GOBS of Alabama taxpayer money in a highly questionable manner....so what does that have to do with Troy King?

Her answer as to why there are now crickets chirping in the spaces that were formerly occupied by King defenders is also pretty telling. In my opinion it amounted to “We’ve taken our toys and returned home” now that evidence seems to be surfacing. You’ll all notice that she offered no defense or explanation as to how a kid as young and inexperienced as JW Godwin could be making more than most entry level attorneys and at taxpayer expense no less. I can't help but think she and other Republican operatives within the state would have a great deal to say if it were the behavior of a Democrat AG in question. That they are saying nothing, when a few weeks ago they were threatening me and my children with malicious complaints lodged with government sanctioned kidnappers is, in my book, very, very telling.

There is definitely a lot of something to this Troy King story. I want to know what J.W. Godwin does that qualifies him to make $57,504 of Alabama taxpayer money a year. Does he carry suitcases real well when he and Troy travel together? Does he make a mean cup of coffee? What is meant by "he acts as a liaison between the Attorney General and the 'staff'?" (I bet the reporters were giggling their butts off when Chris Bence gave them that line...I know it about did me in when I read it.) Does it mean he is just a high priced gopher who scurries between offices to deliver donuts? What exactly does he do to earn that much cash?

And Chris Bence. Another guy with a broadcast background now in the position of paralegal....with no paralegal training. I can see how Bence could be hired into a position as spokesperson....but if what we have seen out of him so far regarding this story is the best that he can do then....WOW....just wow!! I mean if someone were paying me $104,000 a year to be their media person I think I could come up with something better than "What about the children", "JW is near indispensable" and, best of all, "liasion to the Attorney General's 'staff'". (Hell, wasn't that the original, scandalous rumor in the first place?)How bout some creativity there Mr. Bence? I am available to consult with you on coming up with stuff that is believable....but it will cost you. I don't have any experience in broadcast journalism....but experience doesn't seem to be something that Troy King's office cares for anyway, so putting me on the payroll shouldn't be a problem. Seriously, run that by Troy and see what he says.



Don said...

The unusually high salaries of some staffers in AG Troy King's office are rightfully being scrutinized by bloggers and MSM, but let’s not forget the 140 members of the Alabama legislature.

The National Conference of State Legislatures classifies our legislature as a hybrid legislature, meaning that members say that their legislative work requires them to spend more than two-thirds of the time that would be required for a full time job as legislators.

The NCSL @ http://www.ncsl.org/programs/press/2004/backgrounder_fullandpart.htm shows that, on average, legislators in hybrid legislatures spend 70% of their time, which includes time spent campaigning for office, being legislators and that they are compensated by less than $36,000 per year.

Compare that with what our legislators receive.

And some people wonder why I think Alabama needs to become the 25th Initiative and Referendum state?

The Ripley Porch said...

I'll make this assessment...there are a number of state and national political figures who really need a real media person handling their affairs...and whoever they have...is like the "Barney Fife" of media folks. I've seen guys who could not make a single public speech...yet were serving in a national office...basically by hiding out, and using scripted questions and answers at some radio station.

There are some guys who might be worth $57k...but not a guy just a year or two out of college. Where does a young guy like this go next? He really doesn't have real experience, and I sure wouldn't hire him to handle my affairs as a senator or representative. State-wise? I'm guessing he'd have to go to some major TV station in Mobile or Huntsville...to gain some news insight and really buff up my public speaking. But then they aren't going to pay $57k for someone like this guy with such limited experience.

Only my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Think maybe these staffers "know things" and the only way to keep them quiet was to pay them off??

Anonymous said...

Anon, it's more like these staffers have "seen things" or "done things," I'm sure.