Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wow! Now that's a ZUCCHINI!

This is the largest zucchini squash I have ever seen. It's like the size of a bat! My handsome son is modeling it for your viewing pleasure.

FINALLY!!! My brandywine was ripe enough to pick today. It actually could have stood another day or two on the vine....but the top keeps splitting because it is so big and I was afraid that bugs would eat it before I could.



Fred said...

Or birds. Birds love ripe tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

A little bird just told me something funny about Troy King--he would really like that zucchini, let me tell you.

Loretta Nall said...

Anonymous...I've been hearing that disquieting rumor all week. Actually, even though I am an Atheist I been praying for it to be true. Waiting for confirmation cuz I cant afford a defamation lawsuit. I hear the Montgomery Advertiser is going to break the story tomorrow. Another blogger I know may break it today. I won't break it but will be more than happy to provide parody videos and smarmy remarks about the whole sordid affair.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I see it's been broke. Love you, sweetie--you rock.

Kathy said...

Dayum, that's a big zucchini. I'm hearing the same rumors about Troy. It almost makes me feel sorry for him. Definitely makes me feel bad for his wife and kids.