Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Rochester Peanut Gallery

Sometimes I get comments that are so retarded on this blog that they deserve a whole post of their very own. Such is the case with the most recent comment left by a supporter of John Alexander Rochester and his daddy, Judge John E. Rochester. Their comments are in bold/italics and mine follow.

I'm sure that the fact that he has stepped down probably won't stop you from saying that whatever the verdict is unfair.

You're probably right on that front. There are only about 53 judges in Alabama for 67counties. It's a small circle of folks who are as tightly knit as the boys in blue. I may be able to change the players in this case but probably not the outcome. But that will only add more credence to the claim that the judicial system in Alabama is anything but fair if you are just a regular person whose daddy isn't a judge. Not that too many folks have doubts about it. I don't know Rumsey, the former D.A. of Talladega Co. who will be prosecuting the case, so I don't know what to expect from him. Hopefully, he will surprise me and treat John Alexander Rochester like any other alleged drug trafficker by asking for the maximum sentence with enhancements....but I won't hold my breath.

It appears that you are out to get this young man because of his dad. The only reason we are discussing this is because of who his father is.

I've stated over and over again that I don't think anyone should go to jail or prison for any non-violent drug offense. That includes John Alexander Rochester. I've made a career out of reforming the drug laws in this fucked up, ass backwards state. But, if everyone else has to go to jail/prison under the current law then, by God, John Alexander Rochester does too. He doesn't get a free pass because of who his daddy is. My tax dollars help pay for the criminal justice system, the judges salaries and everything to do with the court system. I pay for it to be fair and work the same regardless of who ones parents happen to be. Further, if Judge John E. Rochester, Judge George Simpson and D.A. Freddy Thompson had OBEYED the law, (yeah those same laws they demand others obey) and let this thing run its course without trying to rig it in favor of John Alexander Rochester then I would never have become involved in the first place. The blame lies squarely at the feet of John Alexander Rochester for allegedly trafficking drugs at the city park and the two judges and the DA for thinking regular citizen's are too stupid to figure out that they are being screwed.

You say that you want things equal, but it's you Mrs. Nall that have chosen to discuss this so public. You are a public figure and you are choosing to talk about one that's not. You've turned him into one because of his father, but not because he is a public figure and you are calling him out.

Every private citizen in Clay County and every other county in Alabama who is accused of the same things that JAR stands accused of immediately becomes a public citizen becase their names and the lurid details of their alleged crimes are printed in the newspapers. It is a matter of public record. The local fishwrapper of a newspaper decided (for obvious political reasons) to only run the police blotter on this story and not an actual informative piece like they would have for anyone else who is not the judges son. Like they did for the little hispanic guy who got drugs from the post office and the guy who was taking a whiz in the woods that the cops busted for possession of meth. If the newspaper won't report in a fair and unbiased way then the only ones left to do it are people like me. Private citizens with a very public persona.

He was a regular private citizen and you've turned him a public figure- someone to taunt and tear apart every small thing. I've seen you do it time and time again.

When John Alexander Rochester chose to do what he allegedly did in the park he gave up his right to privacy. I didn't make him sell drugs. Had nothing to do with him selling drugs. He made that decision all on his own. Now he has to suffer the consequences of a very bad decision. No one is to blame but him. Additionally, I have not pegged him as someone to taunt and tear down. I have never met him and know nothing about him other than what I have reported in this case. I've simply reported the story and the underlying unfairness of the judicial system for folks who don't have an immediate family member on the bench. You're not mad at me because I am reporting this story you are mad because you and others got caught doing things you should not have been doing. Plain and simple you are pissed because you got BUSTED.

I agreed with the Troy King thing, but this is ridiculous. Poor guy. And you want drugs legalized, but you don't want innocent until proven guilty. SHAME ON YOU!!

Very few people disagreed with me on the Troy King thing. That you were one of the ones that agreed says you have some sense. Why can't you see and admit that what is happening in the JAR case is plain wrong?

Yes. I want drugs legalized. All drugs. Legalized. Who says I don't want innocent until proven guilty? I haven't said he is guilty. I have simply reported what is in the police reports and the case action summaries. That is neither a testament to his guilt nor his innocence. Just the facts as they have come to me from the courts. Additionally, and I know you already know this, the innocent until proven guilty bit is total bullshit. It is the exact opposite in our system despite what we are raised to believe. When you are arrested and dragged into court you are GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. Ask anyone who has ever been arrested and tried in court if they were treated like they were innocent until proven guilty. I can nearly bout guarantee you won't find anyone who will tell you that is the case.


Oh, really? Do you own Clay County now? No. In fact, I think I will come to Clay County today just to piss you off. I don't need to have your welcome or blessing. What will you do if I come to Clay County and you find out about it? Nothing except maybe run your ignorant mouth. But,let's put that theory to the test. You give me your phone number and I will call you personally when I make my next trip to Clay County (I'm there fairly often). I'll tell you what road I will be coming in on and give you my itenirary while I am there. Hell, I'll even buy you a cup of coffee at Maggie's on the square if you possess the testicular fortitude to show up. I'm putting my money on "Won't show up" though.


Anonymous said...

At that last line about not being welcome in Clay County, I couldn't help but picture the fat guy in O Brother, Where art Thou? going "And stay outta Woolworths!"

Loretta Nall said...

mdm....shit that made me HOWL!!! Thanks for a much needed laugh today!

Anonymous said...

time, date, and we will be there.

Anonymous said...

You didn't write the whole comment, just the things you could argue with. Even though, those were pretty weak, because you are completely crazy. You are a bully that constantly needs to bitch about something. Everything and everyone. You seem to get into stuff that's not even your business. You don't even live in Clay County. I think it appears to everyone that you had an agenda from the start to claim that Alex was given special treatment. You've reported false information over and over. Most people tell me ignore her she just wants attention she's always complaining about someone- no one takes her serious, which is true. I will never comment or look at your pathetic sites again. People will figure you out.

Loretta Nall said...

The original comment is posted in in this thread. As anyone with eyes can plainly see it is the same comment that made up the current thread we are discussing.

You posted another comment in the Alabama Court Watch blog which I responded to here. Get your story straight.

I see that you have resorted to unfounded personal attacks. Everyone knows when you do that you have no real argument or defense for your actions. You look and act desperate.

As to whenther or not this is my business I say it is. And not only my business but the business of every citizen in this state who pays taxes that fund the criminal system. See, injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Alex has gotten special treatment and that is obvious to everyone. Low bonds for drug trafficking, release to a treatment center when he is charged with drug trafficking, Judge Simpson and Freddy Thompson handling the bond hearing when they were not supposed to (Linda Rochester, the mom, at one time worked for Freddy Thompson), media blackout. Yeah he's getting real special treatment. My only agenda is to see that the justice system operates in a blind way, and equal way and a fair way, regardless of who you are. It is nothing personal against you or John Alexander Rochester. Y'all just happened to get caught by me so you get to be in the spotlight for a while. You have created this whole mess and you refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Instead you resort to baseless, personal attacks in hopes they will hurt my feelings and make me be quiet. But, that ain't gonna happen.

None of the information I have reported has been false....unless the case action summaries are false...which we both know they are not. When and where have I reported false information about this case?

As for what your friends and associates are saying about me...who cares? Of course your circle will say I'm crazy but we'll see how crazy I am when the hammer falls.

The fact that you are 'leaving and never coming back' amounts to you taking your toys and going home. You've been defeated and you and your family and the 'justice system' in Clay County have been exposed as corrupt and crooked. If I were you I'd be embarassed and ashamed too. You all deserve to be in jail for perverting justice.

Loretta Nall said...

anon #3....The deal is that you give me your phone number. You know who I am and so in order to buy you that cup of coffee I'll need to know who you are. Fair is fair....but then again you don't seem to understand the concept of that word. If you are game you can email me your number at